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Our gifts either smell delicious, have great eye appeal, or touch the heartstrings with a lovely gift selection for friends and family.

Antiques & Collectibles


Looking for that unique collector piece? We have just what you are looking for from a handpicked selection of old boxes to vintage chic furniture accent pieces. Each piece is selected for the old wood or metal patina finish or weathered painted surface.

Boutique Clothing


Our selection of purses is beyond fabulous. We stock the reinterpretation of some of the more expensive brands but at a third of the price but the same superior quality. Our tops are adorable and affordable. Each one reflects your personality.

Garden Accessories


One of a kind metal art animals are made from recycled metal. Let our selection speak to you. You will choose the one just right for you. All of our iron planters, topiaries, and trellis have a vintage flair with chipped paint or antique design.

Home Decor


A warm and cozy home is our theme. We stock that piece just for you that has style and character. Our textiles are works of art as well as our lamps, carved trunks, antique copper pots, landscape paintings, and one of a kind treasures.